About Me

Ever heard of the term "hard positivity"? That's the only way South Jersey rapper Sean Roane can describe his music. Brizzy, the producer of most of Sean Roane's tracks, compares Roane and his style to Biggie and Jay Z. Everyone will have their own opinion, but Sean Roane surely has the skills to gain the popularity and respect that his musical influences have had.

In 2012, while attending Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Sean Roane began creating music in Brizzy's dorm room. That year Brizzy and Roane released a song called "Panhandle Fine" that caused a bit of controversy on campus. The following year in the summer of 2013 Sean released his debut mixtape Affordable Excellence. 

After getting fired from his security job at Banana Republic in 2016, Sean Roane made a promise that he would own his own business(es) and create timeless music.Stay tuned. You feel me...