About Me

New Jersey artist Sean Roane brings an energy and passion to the table we don’t see often these days. Roane wears his experiences and emotions on his mic and it comes through every time you press play on a track. With his debut project establishing his appeal over the Internet, Roane was just getting started. Now over the course of the last two years, Sean Roane has stepped into another gear as he’s released a bevvy of singles. Between frequent collaborations with his peers and plans to release over 50 singles this year, now’s the time to get acquainted with Sean Roane.

Born in 1990, Sean Roane’s legacy began with him immediately thrust into the music world through church. “My grandmother had me at church a lot as a kid,” Sean recalls, “I was always fascinated by the organ players, drummers and singers.” Growing up Sean lived at his grandmothers house and through it all, nothing was censored around the young upstart. At 10 years old, Sean Roane is hearing music from Jay-Z, Ludacris, D12 and others, pushing Roane and his cousin to start their own group. While the duo never recorded anything, Roane taught himself how to write lyrics and craft those lyrics into full songs. A hip-hop enthusiast with a couple years of writing under his belt, Sean Roane was on the path to becoming a full-time emcee, until he left that behind to pursue football. 

Fast forward to 2012, Roane is at Oklahoma Panhandle State University on a football scholarship during his senior year of college. “I walked off the field because they had us in freezing windy, ice/rain weather during workouts and they took my scholarship,” Sean Roane says. Alongside Sean Roane was his good friend Brizzy, a football player who was already making beats and recording tracks in his room. After spending some time together the two went to New Orleans during Spring Break. Inspired by all the music and art he soaked in, Sean returned and immediately got to work writing and recording songs with Brizzy. The duo came together and released Sean Roane’s debut album “Affordable Excellence”. The album was focused on a heartbreak Roane was dealing with while adjusting to adulthood and remains the foundation Roane stands on to this day. Sean Roane also known as Top Five from his peers, wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to talk about what he’s dealing with in real time. “Real music based off of someone's real thoughts and feelings still exist,” Sean says, “People from all walks of life can relate to what I’m talking about.”

The last few years saw Top Five working on consistency, dropping some of the best music of his career so far. Studying other artists like Larry June and Russ to fine tune his approach to the craft. As we hit the halfway point of 2020, Sean Roane is right in the middle of his “Consistency Run” series where Roane aims to release a single every single week. Now’s the time to press play on Top Five’s music as his ascension continues.