My Top 5 Female Recording Artists

With all this feminism bullshit that's going on I'm gonna be somewhat cautious with my word choice on this post. With that being said, there aren't really too many female artists of any genre that I really like or can listen to without feeling less masculine. I'm not totally misogynistic and I don't hate women, but most of the music that women put out now is catered toward women and the homosexual community. You'll never catch me riding down the street bumping no damn Cardi B, Nicki Minaj or Beyonce because I simply cannot relate. The only female rapper I can tolerate now is Young MA and that's because she can actually spit. Moving on, I have made a small list of female recording artists (past & present) that I admire and that make songs that I can sing without feeling weird. 

5.) Adele 

When I was a freshman at this junior college in Kansas, I always took a nap after breakfast before I had to go to class. My roommate would always watch music videos on VH1 and it seemed like they played the same videos, in the same order, everyday. One song that I continued to hear was Chasing Pavements by Adele. I heard that song so many times that I began to enjoy her voice and the lyrics to the song. By the time she dropped her second album I was a legit fan of just about all her music. The white girl's voice is heavenly and her lyrics are always powerful as well as thought provoking. I'd bump Adele anytime any place.

4.) Mary J. Blige


I feel like every black mom between the ages of 45-60  was a big Mary J. Blige  fan at some point in their lives. In the 90's and early 00's I had no choice but to listen to Mary J because everyone (except my grandmother) blasted her music. She has countless hits and a few classic albums. Even though some of the older folk say she can't sing, I think she sounds great and you can get a party or cookout poppin' with her music.

3.) Anita Baker

The legendary Anita Baker is flat out dope. Her voice is extraordinary, the production on her tracks was always exquisite and she just made hit after hit after hit! Her music always takes me back to being a little kid driving in the car with my mom  listening to South Jersey's oldie station. A few years ago I was listening to the radio and her song Good Love came on. After that, I put damn near her entire discography on my phone. The main thing I like about Anita Baker is that her music and her look was always appropriate for people of all ages. 

                                                                                2.) Aaliyah


There's nothing you can tell me that will make me believe that Aaliyah's death wasn't some occult ritual shit. She died a couple weeks before I started 6th grade and I remember being a little upset because I had been a big fan of her music. I will admit that Timbaland's production had a lot to do with me being a fan of Aaliyah's music, but her talent was undeniable. She was the total package...she looked great, she could actually sing and she could dance. If she were alive today I think she would have more hits than Beyonce. 

1.) Missy Elliot

I can relate to Missy in some ways. We were both our mother's only child growing up and we had to play by ourselves. Like Missy, I wanted to be in the entertainment business. Since childhood, we have both had the same passion for music and songwriting. Missy Elliot is by far my favorite female artist of any genre. I've been listening to her music since I was like 5 years old. Missy, along with Timbaland, Ginuwine, Aaliyah and others, ushered in a new sound that is still heard and felt to this day. I haven't heard much from her in the last decade or more, but she left a catalog that is timeless. Legend. 

Of course there are more ladies I could add to this list, but the artists I've listed above have at least 5 or more songs that I consider classic. Notice how the women I have written about never over sexualized themselves and made (or make) music that people from both genders can enjoy. I have much respect for talented women that make timeless music.