The Lowkey Hottest Song Of The Summer

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw a tweet from, a popular hip hop blog, talking about how they had just received a great song submission from an artist. I was instantly curious about this artist because I had recently submitted a song to Dj Booth and got denied so I was trying to see what kind of artists they accept. Turns out the artist they were talking about wasn't (isn't) even a rapper!

Dude's name is GNRA and his song "I Won't Leave" is fire to me. Fuck Drake and Rhianna's dance tracks, GNRA is getting ready to have the club scene in a choke hold! The Florida boy lays down some pretty good vocals and he's definitely poppin' on soundcloud.  GNRA's style definitely has a dancehall feel and he sprinkles in a little reggae and EDM to create feelgood tunes.

The future is bright for GNRA and I'll definitely be looking to collaborate sometime in the future. You can hit GNRA on twitter at @iamgnra or his website His song "Be Mine" is pretty dope too.