Celly Ru Is The Hardest Rapper In 2020



It’s no secret that I am heavily in tune with California’s music scene. If you get in my car you are likely to hear songs from Larry June, G Perico , 03 Greedo or Jay P Bangz instrumentals. All the aforementioned individuals are dope, but this post is about Celly Ru, the hardest rapper in Cali (maybe the world) right now. Let me give you a backstory of how I came across his music. 

In 2018 I got tired of my friend/producer Brizzy not taking this music seriously so I went on youtube and searched all kinds of “type beats”. At first, I struggled to find any instrumentals that sparked an idea, but things changed when I searched “west coast type beats”. I came across beat makers like Lil O and Jay P Bangz and I haven’t looked back since. One thing I instantly noticed was how most of their beats were “Mozzy x Celly Ru x Yatta type” beats. I saw it so much that it made me want to find out who the hell these dudes were! 

First, I listened to Mozzy’s music and not only did i enjoy his flow, I peeped that Jay P Bangz was producing some of his biggest songs. Mozzy is a popular rapper from Sacramento,CA and he has his own label called Mozzy Records. I soon found that Celly Ru , also from Sacramento, is on Mozzy’s label. It would take me awhile to give Celly Ru a listen, but when I finally did, I was highly impressed. The first song I heard from him was "Lost Nobody".

From the rip, I could tell he listens to a lot east coast rap. I could hear Jadakiss and Fabolous all in his flow. I eventually listened to his album Ru Gotti and since then there hasn't been a day where I don’t bump his music. Celly Ru reminds me of rappers like Beanie Sigel and AR-AB because lyrically he goes so hard, even on songs that are supposed to be on the lighthearted side. Whether he’s talking about gang culture, personal issues or pimp stuff, Celly Ru’s music is consistently fire. 

I honestly believe that he has all the tools to be in this industry for a long time and if he keeps flaming those Jay P Bangz beats the way he has been I don’t see why he shouldn’t be a star sometime in the near future. Don’t believe me? Check out his latest album East Side Politics.