Bray Wyatt Is The Reason I Watch Wrestling

I've been a wrestling fanatic on and off my entire life. From the age of 7 til about 13 I was completely obsessed and dreamed of one day being a professional wrestler. Then in 8th grade I had my first girlfriend and slowly lost interest. Youtube would one day make me a fan of wrestling again, but not of the new stuff.  I would search old videos of guys like Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker to help revisit a fun time in my life. Other than a few old videos on Youtube, you couldn't get me to watch the bullshit that WWE was putting on TV. Then one night I'm flipping through the channels I see a husky, white pants wearing, Duck Dynasty looking mothafucka named Bray Wyatt!

WWE hyped Bray Wyatt up with these short skits of him standing in the woods talking crazy. I immediately was interested in seeing him because he seemed different and I like different shit! I watched a bunch of videos of him wrestling in WWE's sister brand called NXT and I knew then that he would end up being one of my favorite wrestlers. 
To compliment his interesting look and hard-hitting wrestling style, Wyatt is peerless on the mic. When he talks most people listen even when they don't understand anything he is talking about. His entrance theme and his finishing move, the Sister Abigail, greatly add to his dope character.  Did I mention he's a cult leader?  Wyatt's "Wyatt Family"  consists of 3 massive men that  look like they eat whole cows for lunch. One dude wears a filthy wifebeater and is probably one of the best in-ring performers in WWE. There's a bald headed guy who wears a sheep mask and the most recent member is a legit power lifter. This is the best thing I've seen on wrestling in years!

Sadly, as good as Bray Wyatt is, WWE tends to overlook him and give the spotlight to guys like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.  Rollins and Reigns are cool as hell, but they don't possess that charisma and enigmatic personality that Wyatt has.  Most of the wrestlers now are just good athletes and don't have much of a gimmick, while Wyatt is reminiscent of old wrestlers with characters like The Undertaker and Mankind. Wyatt is a throwback and I think that's why I dig him so much. Sure, I love guys like Randy Orton and Aj Styles, but the 'Eater of Worlds' is why I watch Smackdown every Tuesday and why I watch wrestling altogether.

Bray Wyatt is definitely an inspiration to my music and overall brand. While a lot of artists aspire to be as big as Drake, I'm trying to get as many loyal fans as possible and have a cult-like following. I'm gonna call my fans The Roane Family. I even have some music video ideas that were inspired by Wyatt. Inspiration can come from anywhere; mine comes from one of the most underrated acts on all of TV.